Gruppo dei Dodici - ODV
Associazione per la promozione Storico-Culturale dei cammini sulla via “Francigena nel Sud”



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Walk with us on the historical Via Francigena in the South, from Teano to Rome

The Via Appia (Regina Viarum - Road’s Queen) dates back to 4th century b.c. Apostles Saints Peter and Paul, Emperors, Popes, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Thomas of Aquino, artists such as Petrarca , Tasso and Goethe, whose the famous book ‘Travel to Italy’, musicians such as Mozart, walked on it. The Via Francigena’s path, walked through by pilgrims since more than 20 centuries, winds along it. The itinerary is rich of interesting discoveries. It is dotted with Roman temples, Cistercian abbeys, monasteries and shrines, castles and Renaissance palaces located in towns sometimes older than Rome. Walking on sandy beaches along the seaside, on hiking trails or country lanes, along the shores of 4 lakes and through 6 natural parks, thick refreshing woods and through the Mediterranean scrub. We will experience cultural, spiritual, and social values belonging to the path, and will attend to performances of local ancient music’s composers. Everywhere we will know local communities, farmers, and shepherds through special events. We will appreciate spend time together with our pilgrims’ friends. Nevertheless, you can choose not to be involved in such events and enjoy spending your time on your own. At the arrival, on 12th October, carrying credentials we will receive in Vatican the “Testimonium”, a recognition parchment of the pilgrimage done. On 13th October we will welcome at La Storta (a step of Northern VF) pilgrims of Via Romea Germanica coming from Trondheim, Oslo, Viborg and Stade and we will take Them to Saint Peter’s Basilica. 

ore del 27-09-2022
da Teano, Teano
ore del 13-10-2022
a Roma, Roma
16 Day
250 Km