Gruppo dei Dodici - ODV
Associazione per la promozione Storico-Culturale dei cammini sulla via “Francigena nel Sud”



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The Via Appia, the Appian Way known also as the Regina Viarum (the Queen of Roads), dates back to the 4th century BC. Apostles Saints Peter and Paul, Emperors, Popes, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Thomas Aquinas, artists such as Petrarca, Tasso and Goethe (known for his famous report entitled Italian Journey) and musicians like Mozart walked on its paving stones. The Via Francigena winds along it, a path walked through by pilgrims since more than 20 centuries. The itinerary is rich of interesting sites: Roman Temples, Cistercian abbeys, monasteries, hermitages, castles and Renaissance palaces located in villages sometimes older than Rome. Our journey will welcome us with a great variety of activities like walking on sandy beaches along the seaside, hill or countryside trails, on the shore of four lakes and in six natural parks, dense woods and through Mediterranean bushes. In addition, we will enjoy the itinerary’s cultural, spiritual and social values as well as exhibitions of old local music composers. Furthermore, we will meet local communities that will introduce us to their customs and traditions by getting to know and spend some good time with our pilgrim friends from Europe and America. You can enjoy this adventure as you wish, in an experiential or spiritual way. 

On October 4th, upon our arrival and once the credential process has been carried out, we will receive the Testimonium in the Vatican, a document that certifies the completion of the pilgrimage.